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All I wanna do is love #yourbody !

Well, Christina Aguilera released her new tune, “Your Body” to iTunes and radio today to much excitement.  Mines especially.  I loved her last album Bionic, although it was obvious it was never going to get much airplay what with her marketing/management team beign rubbish and her personal life taking a dive with the divorce.

Having seen her on clips from The Voice USA, I have seen her take a back seat for a bit to get her talons into what’s hot in the music world right now.  It seems Xtina got bored though, as she’s now released this beauty of a track! I LOVE it! haha.  God I’m so easy. :P

There are apparently explicit and faster versions of the track on the web, including YouTube, but I’ve not heard them yet.  But do you love this?  Have you heard the other versions?  Excited for more?  Use the comments to let me know!

PS, The new album has been named as “Lotus” and is due out later this year! :D