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Gold! Always believed in you sooo…

Ok so maybe I didn’t believe Team GB would do as well as they have in the Olympics, but I’m now constantly checking the Medals table on BBC Sport and it’s great to see people realising their dreams.

That made me think of something else.  Dreams.  Everyone has them, perhaps you dream of being with someone (read that how you will), or you dream of your perfect home, etc.  I’m always dreaming of the future and what could happen.  I dream of what I’d do if I had a lot of money, and what I might have done differently in the past and what that might have affected.

Dreams can only get you so far though, but they are one of the most utterly perfect things to aspire to.  Why not go for gold yourself?  Just keep it within the law. ;)

Oh, I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but it was breifly a very interesting look for the BBC Medals table: