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Late Night Moan

Well if that’s not somethign that does my head in, I don’t know what it.

It makes me really angry when people can’t treat others the way they expect to be treated and then get angry or annoyed when other people do the same back to them – many ljust to show them what it’s about.

Yes, I’ve recently had this, and if it happenes again, I’ll be sorting it out properly.  I just can’t take shit like that any more.  I’ve spent too long worrying about the consequences of standing up for myself instead of trying to put things right.  Suffering whilst somethign could be done, isn’t the way to go.

I’m not depressed about it, just annoyed.  Annoyed that people still think they have to act like that – in public – just to get their point accross or to try to impress their superiority on others sot that they look good.  It’s not a good look at all, and only fuels resentment and anger.

I’ll sort it out, but just needed to write it down.  So the lesson is not to annoy me.  Simple :)