Distant child, My Flower…

I have fallen in love. Again.  But this time, with a song.

Kylie Minogue is really good at reinventing her own music, and I’ve seen various different versions of many of her songs – most of which are pretty good.  But I stumbled upon this on Youtube the other day and just had to share it.

Flower is a song Kylie performed during her X2008 concerts but never made a studio version of. Now she has, and this is her performing it during the BBC Proms in the park. Check out the other songs from the same gig, they are all amazing, especially Flower and Slow.

Flower will be released at the end of October as part of Kylie’s new album The Abbey Road Sessions and I can’t wait! (Not sure if that’s a really sad thing or not, haha!)

Our Wedding Weekend

Work It!

Well, thanks to the hard work of the team at work, it looks like the Wedding Weekend next week is going to go really well. :)

It seems the plan to have a couple of staff focus on the setup has meant that things have been getting organised better, faster and with less confusion. The ideas that have been getting passed around sound amazing as well, so fingers crossed it all works out!

I feel like I’ve been leading the sad life though, having to rework flyers and logos so that we can advertise further in advance, but I hope what I’ve done has helped in the long run.

Our Wedding Weekend
My craftily edited version of the flyer…

My biggest challenge will be my performance on the weekend.  Can I get lots of interest, registrations or even lists?  I guess I can only wait and see, but I’m looking forward to
We’ve got a fair few local suppliers coming in too.  I think the last count was about 8 or 9 confirmed to come along so it will be fantastic to meet them, and I’m sure they’ll have a great weekend as well.it.

Away from this, there are loads of great ideas in my Wonder Book (I might put a picture of that up some day, but I want to figure out how to get lights in it first!) so there is no shortage of excitement due up. :D

Anyway, I’ll leave you to wonder on that, but that’s just a wee update from work.  They will all be as boring as this, as I don’t want to give too much away.  Besides, it’s weddings – how much of a surprise can it be? :P

Update: Ok, so it didn’t quite go to plan. Felt like everything was against us, but we managed to do ok given the circumstances and we’ve learnt loads about what not to do next time as well as what we thought went well. These sorts of things are always a learning curve, and are also completely unpredictable. You can tell as many people as you want about an event, but there is nothing to say they will actually turn up. Till next time! (February 2013 is when that will be!)

Late Night Moan

Well if that’s not somethign that does my head in, I don’t know what it.

It makes me really angry when people can’t treat others the way they expect to be treated and then get angry or annoyed when other people do the same back to them – many ljust to show them what it’s about.

Yes, I’ve recently had this, and if it happenes again, I’ll be sorting it out properly.  I just can’t take shit like that any more.  I’ve spent too long worrying about the consequences of standing up for myself instead of trying to put things right.  Suffering whilst somethign could be done, isn’t the way to go.

I’m not depressed about it, just annoyed.  Annoyed that people still think they have to act like that – in public – just to get their point accross or to try to impress their superiority on others sot that they look good.  It’s not a good look at all, and only fuels resentment and anger.

I’ll sort it out, but just needed to write it down.  So the lesson is not to annoy me.  Simple :)

All I wanna do is love #yourbody !

Well, Christina Aguilera released her new tune, “Your Body” to iTunes and radio today to much excitement.  Mines especially.  I loved her last album Bionic, although it was obvious it was never going to get much airplay what with her marketing/management team beign rubbish and her personal life taking a dive with the divorce.

Having seen her on clips from The Voice USA, I have seen her take a back seat for a bit to get her talons into what’s hot in the music world right now.  It seems Xtina got bored though, as she’s now released this beauty of a track! I LOVE it! haha.  God I’m so easy. :P

There are apparently explicit and faster versions of the track on the web, including YouTube, but I’ve not heard them yet.  But do you love this?  Have you heard the other versions?  Excited for more?  Use the comments to let me know!

PS, The new album has been named as “Lotus” and is due out later this year! :D

Grovelling, Greedy Government

Well, haven’t the UK Government just gone and done it again.  With the announcement that Virgin Trains, possibly the best UK train company, has lost the West Coast Rail franchise, they’ve only gone and landed themselves in a massive hole.

Read up here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19264614

Not only are they removing one of the best companies, but they are replacing them with one of the worst!  Yes, that’s right, dear old First Group has been awarded the (extended) franchise, so for the next 14 years, it’s more than likely that all the good work put in by Virgin will be ruined, jobs lost and customer satisfaction slashed.

Virgin train arriving at Euston
Virgin-ity lost…

Whilst I’m told that First can do a good job sometimes (and I’ll agree that any experience on the Transpennine Express routes from Edinburgh have been pretty decent)  I know that First fail elsewhere – not just at trains.  First Group’s bus operations are collapsing around them, and they’ve recently “given up” on the Great Western franchise.  Mind you, in saying that I’m not too familiar with the details.

So why didn’t Virgin get it, if they are meant to be so good?  Simple.  The government got greedy.

First Group are paying way over the odds for this franchise, in the same way that GNER and National Express did with the East Coast line.  That led to the government having to take over the line when National Express handed it back!  Do they want that to happen again?  I’d think not!  But they do want the money, and to get it they are prepared to ignore the facts, the people and the current good results Virgin get as it is.  They are quite happy to hid behind the promises that First Group are making (whilst everyone knows they are promising too much).

As it happens, I started writing this post at the beginning of this whole saga, and in the weeks since, a petition was set up on the Government’s E-Petitions site (view it here).  That petition very quickly reached the threshold of 100,000 and it now sits above a cosy 170,000 signatures.  You’d have thought that having this petition would have made MPs realise that the people they represent were telling them that what they wanted was different from the government.  Apparently not.  The then transport secretary Justine Greening (I have got the right one?) was all set to power on with signing a contract with First Group.

Then Virgin threw a spanner in her plans by launching legal action.  So, as of today, all I know is that the signing has been delayed, but the plan is to go ahead with the changeover in December.

Fingers crossed that gets delayed too.