About My Spot

This isn’t the blog of a spot on my face or anything by-the-way!  Just thought I’d clear that up. (See what I did there?  No?  Oh well…)

So Who’s this Plonker?

Ahem!  This plonker is an upper second class honours graduate of Heriot-Watt University I’ll have you know!  Although, this plonker doesn’t feel any more brainy because of it.

Anyway, yes I graduated with a magical 2:1 in Information Systems with honours and a fancy prize for being the most deserving student. Honest.  The magical side of it is that I spent so long stressing that It seems like it happened through some sort of magical power.

For anyone that hasn’t figured this out already, my name is Scott.

Womens’ Jacket. Fits me better than any other jacket I ever had… :S

No points if you figured it out on your own, life would be too easy that way.  So in short, I’m like anyone else really.  I like my nights out and my nights in.  I love Ben & Jerry’s and I can occasionally be forced/tempted into eating veg.  I do enjoy a bit of computing and reading and other normal things too.  Sometimes I’ll be posting them on here! (Oh dear!)

I work with Debenhams in the Wedding Gift Service.  For all the abuse you get in a job like that, I really do enjoy it so you’ll potentially be seeing a lot of related posts.  In saying that, you have to remember that this is my blog/website/thing so it is my views and not my work’s.

I hope you enjoy my witterings.  Think of it as something of a diary or journal, or if you are a Trekky, this is my Captains Log.  No, not the end result of last nights curry, but a record of what’s going on in life.

Ciao!  I think…

PS You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.  You know, just if you fancy it…

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