Distant child, My Flower…

I have fallen in love. Again.  But this time, with a song.

Kylie Minogue is really good at reinventing her own music, and I’ve seen various different versions of many of her songs – most of which are pretty good. ┬áBut I stumbled upon this on Youtube the other day and just had to share it.

Flower is a song Kylie performed during her X2008 concerts but never made a studio version of. Now she has, and this is her performing it during the BBC Proms in the park. Check out the other songs from the same gig, they are all amazing, especially Flower and Slow.

Flower will be released at the end of October as part of Kylie’s new album The Abbey Road Sessions and I can’t wait! (Not sure if that’s a really sad thing or not, haha!)