Joan Rivers, RIP.

So Joan Rivers passed away the other day and 2014 has therefore brought us yet another notable loss from the world of entertainment alone.

Since her death I’ve obviously seen a lot of obituaries and articles about her, but one thing stood out quite a bit among all the chatter. I spotted an article on The Huffington Post (You can read it here) from a writer who helped Rivers write a speech back at the end of the 1980’s.

Now that all seems pretty unremarkable, except for when the writer last met Rivers at an event and spoke to the comedy star. The writer asked:

“How do we treat the little people Joan?”

Her answer?

“Why, We Treat Them Better. We Only S–t on People at Our Level or Higher.”

Genius. Have a read at the article, it’s actually pretty heart-warming. RIP.

Ooft, She’s Back!

Check this out! Celine Dion is back, and to be honest I love it! Just listen to that voice! She still sounds fantastic and although it’s something of a new direction, you can still tell it’s her.

I just cannot stop playing this, it’s great! What do you think?

My Note to Disabled Students and Their Peers at Heriot-Watt SU

So it’s elections hustings tonight at the Uni. Make sure you go if you can, and make sure you hold to account these people who want to be voted into office. Some are there only for the future mention on their CV whilst others are there to truly work for you as students both at Heriot-Watt and beyond – it’s up to you to decide which is which, and who you can believe in.

Whilst I am disappointed in the way that a lot of representation seems to have hit the floor face first in the last year (particularly Disabled Students), I will admit that there may be more going on on campus that I haven’t seen. If that is the case, then it should be mentioned here or through other channels as there will be new students looking at group pages like this that want to find out just how Heriot-Watt will help them.

So if you are going to the hustings tonight ask the toughest questions, make them see your priorities and make sure they hear your voice. These candidates will be the ones who can help get your voice heard by the university, but they have to hear you first. Take time to enjoy the hustings too, but even if you don’t go *make sure you vote in the elections*!

Oh and one other thing. Tell the candidates that even during election time, there is no place for harsh words or personal attacks. I have heard too much of this recently and I honestly hope they are just wild rumours. There is no place for behaviour like that in a tolerant and safe Students Union.

Have fun,

Scott x